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These are @leonieyue's #GCAP16 & #MIGW Speaker #BurpDoodle Notes PDF!

Bonus secret/unseen Digital Portrait Sketches included!

I've been posting these on twitter and full page scans have been requested by Ty Carey! Plus thanks Giselle and Innes and a bunch of other people for their interest too!

Pay what you want!

And you can't afford to, do share this around! (:

I hope my hectic doodles help!

Here's my blog post on MIGW as well: http://blog.leonieyue.com/2016/11/migw16.html

What this High Resolution pdf includes:

  • #GCAP16 Opening Keynote with giants @morganjaffit, @MartinFoleyMP, @spamoir @RageCave and @soundsbysal
    • inspirational stuff about being giants and all that :0
  • "What makes a giant?" by @kenwongart
    • really cool to know Ken's story and who his "giants" were! Street Fighter! And what Monument Valley was influenced by! Glad I came to this one! I support being a little dwarf in his analogy haha
  • Aussie Game Development: Diversity and Direction with @soundsbysal @Brooke_Maggs @lisyk @cla_rar and @lucyamorris
    • Woo great to know that it's a slow work in progress in finding ways to make the game development scene more diverse if we work together. It will be an uphill battle however. Slow battle.
  • Fireside chat: @grumpygamer talks with @steggy_ on PR & marketing
    • I didn't get much of the start where introductions were made but it was a great conversation to be at (:
  • Mental Health is not and Optional Side Quest by @Rx_Pixel
    • I didn't know who she was (at least at the time) but she seemed pretty cool and I'm grateful that there's professional support out there for this tough industry (: And I got to meditate/nap haha
  • Explosive Art: Bringing Particle Systems to LIfe by @mulletdulla
    • That's my art buddy colleague with super amazing particle effects knowledge!! I am still happy he mentioned wanting to play Breath of the Wild. YES.
  • Game Design Challenge Time to destroy civilization with @JennSandercock @Shrubbette @Gaohmee @moore_adrian@pgmuscat and @lucyamorris
    • all these amazing people making up cool game ideas and prototypes! I was frantic during this panel, drawing 6 people D:
  • The Art of Making Thing Not Look Terrible (& Party times) with @ParadigmGame & @sboxle
    • really want to listen to this one again; really great talk full of assorted tips and advice :D
  • When Art meets Gameplay - Level and Environment Design in The Eyes of Ara with @BenDroste
    • It was great to listen with actual context to how environment/level design is full of testing and trial and error and problem solving
  • Searching for Significance with @EnameledKoi
    • What is life...anymore? What kind of impact do you want to make? Ooooooo ;D
  • #GCAP16 Closing Keynote with @TreveReed @rokshocka @innesmck
    • Hugs, tears and gratitude is what I remembered. And that Giants are just flawed humans too. So just keep on doing your own thing ;)
  • WIGLunch: Jenni Tosi from @FilmVictoria on the Women in Games Fellowship returning! And @jazzrozz interviews @EnameledKoi
    • It's tough but there's a lot of us who can support each other in a male dominated world and industry. Changing careers and feeling lost as to where we fit in...completely relate! :'( Let's do our best. Make it all more diverse for everyone. Slowly.

This is just a pdf to download for your safe keeping with bonus unseen sketches! Of course, do not claim as your own, or sell them as your own!

Feel free to share this itch.io page or gumroad (:

A more wordy take on the notes:

Thanks to Ty for suggesting this idea :D (and for Giselle, Innes and other people expressing their interest)!

So these are my BurpDoodle notes fully properly scanned with digital portraits included too! Yes I drew the speakers even more [haha I spent so much extra time :') ] but you'd need to download this to see them!

Even though this is my 4th GCAP, I've technically started doing Speaker BurpDoodles last year as a personal project to ease myself during intense social situations and self pressure to "network"...so I didn't expect people to like these! The downside is that I usually don't really talk to the Speakers or socialise much as the BurpDoodle ninja haha

Just saying that GCAP and MIGW is where you're supposed to make genuine connections and friendships while people are physically present in the same place so...I'm doing it wrong by making these and video logs. I'm not really putting myself out there in person, as much as I'm pushing my comfort zone.

Honestly? I gave up. I'm done.

I'm lucky that I'm with Mighty now as well but still, I'm not doing what GCAP & MIGW is all about. :') Though terribly grateful I had my conference buddy Kalonica a lot of the time to run back to when I felt lonely ;__; ❤

I digress! Do hope these help! Share this if you find it useful!

If you intend to pay me as well? Thank you ;____; ❤


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