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Finally my #NZGDC17 & #GCAP17
Wonderful World ofTalk Content + Bonus A4 Booklet is here!

This is my Character Design heart & passion. Pay it forward. 

Please share this itch.io link! ❤

@CharDesignClub Challenge & WIP Resource Page [more updated content]: http://blog.leonieyue.com/2017/09/characterdesignclub/

And here's all the blog posts revolving around my work on this.

Here's the GCAP2017 talk recording: 

Who is it useful for?

It’s heavily artist focused for those wanting to design and create characters but anyone could find it useful - there’s a lot of creative philosophy & a few additional personal lessons I’ve put in there. 

Well I hope it's useful for someone out there :')

On Donations:

It's free. 

The suggested $5 donation is just a guess, I don't know. ;(

Yes this was all hard work but I learned and gained a lot from doing it already.

From the beginning, I did not intend to get money out of this. Don't worry. 

Not that I actually expect it, but Paypal donations direct to my gmail if you must?  I don't know how well itch.io payment works. 

It'll probably go towards making stickers to give out to people I talk to in the future? Spending money for happy art stuff as I'm usually frugal about that? I don't want to expect anything here haha

Gosh it's too hard to price this booklet! I give up figuring monetary "value" for this, I don't feel comfortable "selling" it and it wasn't my plan to anyway. Plus I want to make this as accessible as possible and I'll leave it up to you whether you want to donate or not.

I am genuinely happy if you just found it useful.

And super grateful if you decide to share the itch.io link around. ❤ 

And melt into a puddle of heart felt feelings if anyone actually decides to donate anything. In the .0000001% chance it happens, I'll just end up reacting in emojis because I'm out of words haha 


21st November 2017 Ramble

The slides & bonus content are done!! Hooray!! 

I want to curl up into a ball and never look at this pdf again! :') 

I proofread them thoroughly 3-4 times [each time taking a handful of days] and countless times more on top whenever I had to take notes, cut out content, rehearse for my talks or proofread from the start all over again. 

I'm...so...tired. So tired. I want to move on.

But I'm so happy I am getting this out there finally. I feel relieved. And nervous now that people can judge what I've done. Uh oh.

Finally I can focus on making & learning art again for myself, draw fanart & doodle 27 left of 30 cats [yes still doing #MeowBurpDoodle studies] without worry for next year! Maybe I have some art to post but mostly I'll be hibernating from posting *regular* art and from doing commissions until whenever I'm ready next year (: That's why I've been quiet with posts.

My heart aches and longs to actually take it easy and eventually create for myself on a regular basis. And maybe collaborate on cool projects that interest or mean a lot to me. 

That's my goal next year: keep learning and post regularly. The usual ;) 

But I need a break to feel creatively energised again :(

I have decided to not continue my MeowFinders/Character Design Challenge attempt as something came up and I have things I need to dedicate my creative time on. I had to reprioritise and I do not want to overwork myself and juggle with too many things. But I will definitely provide my time and feedback on your submissions during early next year! The slides and content are out now so you have no excuses - deadline stays as 31st January 2018 [more details at this Challenge/Resource page] so do your best and post your progress! 

Lastly for any further #CharDesignClub shenanigans, resources, showcasing your submissions & updates follow the dedicated twitter @CharDesignClub! (:

I'll stop posting about it on my personal/art social media channels so you don't have to follow me directly! 

If you're still hanging around, I appreciate and thank you ❤

Share my hard work around...please? :')

Okay virtual support & hugs are also welcome.

YES it's done!! ;___;

Gosh I'm taking a break now first before I check back here :<


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